This book has many different stories in it i just read about how you shoud treat your family members.I think that it is a good book so it could show some people how to treat you family. The book thells how you should deal with your family members, and how you should mostly be respectful to your mom and dad. How you should respect them for what they do for you.I think that it tells the truth of how you should treat them. I think that if you read this book that you should follow what it says.i think that you should treat you mother and father with respect.
It says that the way that you should treat you mother is do soome chores and other things to at least help your mom out around the house. you should do some things to help your mom so that your mom wont have to do all the work. Then it says that you should if you can help your father around the house if he is there.If you have problems in your family then you should not fight you should find some way to solve the problem.
If you are fussimg with your siblings then you should tell someone other than fighting with them and getting yourself in trouble. just tell some one and you are out of it . I think that is a great idea to do .

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