Alice Walker was born in 1944 in rural Georgia. she was the eighth child in her family. She received a scholarship to Spelman college in near Atlanta. After two years at Spelman. she transferred to Sarah Lawrence college in new then she develope into a writer. i think this book is a very good book because she was a good writer and strong.
alice walker lost her sight in 1952, right eye from a bb gun accident. in 1961, she was elected for prom queen and graduated from high school as a valedictiortian. she also wrote "to hell with dying"in 1964,while traveling through africa and europe. i think he was strong because she even wrote a book will her accident.
she was awarded a fellowship from the bread loaf writer's conferennnnce. in 1967, she marries melvyn rosenman leventhal and she wins a first prize in the annual american scholar essay contest or"the civil rights movement: what good was i?" first short story. then she becomes a writer in residence at jackson state college. her first poetry collection once is published in1968.
in 1969, she was awarded grant from national endowment for the arts. walker's daughter, rebeca grant was born.her first novel was publised in 1970"the third life of grange copeland." she also was awarded a radcliffe institute fellowship in 1971.